Is Petra, Jordan on Your Bucket List?

June 02, 2013

Trip to Petra Jordan - colorful camels, beauty and awesome history

If you don't have Petra on your bucket list, you should! No photo of spectacular Petra can capture the magic of this place as it will truly take your breath away. One of our favorite world travel  memories after almost 8 years of non-stop travel was our family vacation in Petra where my 10 year old daughter rode one of these camels and even played her violin while on it at the iconic red sandstone Treasury that was carved by the Nabataieans over 2000 years ago.

How lucky is this kid? She rode a camel first on an over night trek into the Sahara at 6, rode this camel at 10 in Jordan and recently at 12, rode a camel at the Great Wall in China.

Who knew when she was born that she would be a camel expert and world traveler during her primary school years while she homeschooled ( or worldschooledaround the world in three languages with 2 instruments? We parents are probably as surprised as anyone...but we're glad she has.


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What is on your bucket list?

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Yes, Petra is on my bucket list. I probably should have stroked it off the list a few years back when I was in Eilat, but I only had a couple weeks for Israel and I was already using up a few of those heading down to Dahab for some diving in the Red Sea.

I've heard great things about Petra, your post included, so I definitely would like to see it and climb on the rocks myself.

Cheers, Dave

Jeanne @soultravelers3

It will be worth the wait Dave and oh I hear ya on choices like that! We wanted to do Israel and Egypt while in this area ( I've been but my husband and child have not) but we were pushed and pulled in other directions so had to leave it until "next time".

Annette | Bucket List Journey

Petra was never on my bucket list, but it is now!


If you visit Petra you will feel that time is taking you back.Petra is gorgeous place,and nothing is like it in the world.So let Petra on your bucket list.You will never regret.

jeanne @soultravelers3

Glad to hear that Annette! You will not be disappointed!!

jeanne @soultravelers3

So true Travelwhen! Petra is spectacular and one of a kind!

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