Thanks for Helping Mozart Build School in Guatemala with PoP!

March 17, 2014

Travel teen Mozart's fundraisor builds a school in Guatemala with POP

Great big gratitude hugs to all those who supported Mozart's charity fundraiser with Pencils of Promise to build a school in Xecotz, Guatemala where it is badly needed.


Together with POP we raised the $25,000 necessary to fund this school and 30 more! Here you can see Juana Cristina celebrating the opening of the new school in Xecotz.

If you listened to 13 year old Mozart's speech at the Global Education Conference, you know she has a passion for wanting to make a difference in our world.



Mozart was thrilled with this news to find out that with us all working together we made a difference and the school is now here!

What a fantastic lesson to learn first-hand as a young teen, that working together we CAN change the world. These kids are happy and Mozart is happy, so I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Teen Mozart so happy to see the kids in their new school from her fundraiser with Pencils of Promise

I highly recommend you read Adam Braun's new book, The Promise of a Pencil - How an Ordinary Person can Create Extraordinary Change" or see if there is something more for you at Pencils of Promise.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Mandela

Maybe we will try to build another school next Christmas. What do you think? Doesn't it feel great?

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Sounds awesome! My friends and I raised $500 in total for the oxfam charity by selling crafts, baked goods, and playing music in the past two years at my school international night and orchestra concert. When do you think we can Skype webcam/video call next? How was mozart's orchestra audition- did she get in, or are the results not out yet? Isn't it annoying how it takes so long for results to come out?I am in my state youth orchestra, which is really hard to get into- I have auditioned for its for four years, and this is the first year I have gotten in. The results took almost two weeks to come out! Some more tips for mozart's violin playing- try lifting your violin higher and more to the left( it's much easier to play that way,) and try to play a few parts of a piece with a tuner to make sure it's in tune. Hope Mozart got in to the orchestra she auditioned for and we can"talk" soon:)
It snowed almost 10 inches yesterday and today, so I don't have school today:)

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Happy to hear that Abbie and good for you and your friends! Thursday afternoons are often good for Mozart.

Your snow day sounds fun!

Mozart is waiting on the orchestra and is going to apply to a few I think as there are a bunch here. Mozart's more focused on the singing and songwriting now as that is her her studies. She has another big show case in May and will be shooting some of her travel TV show soon too.

She does violin just for fun and doesn't want to be a concert violinist as a career. We are still figuring out how we can fit playing in the orchestra in our schedule and may wait until next year. Most of the kids in the youth orchestras are older like you or even high school level.We will see...perhaps it can be a social outlet too like her fencing class.

I think it is a miracle that Mozart's violin and piano is as good as they are because our travel makes it hard to have a consistent she has missed some things, but it's been worth it for all the enrichment she has gotten in other ways through our extensive travels and living in so many other lands.

This is a new violin for Mozart and we just got our tuner ( which we had left at my Mom's in California). She finally just grew enough to use a full size one...and now she is growing like a week...just added another inch in a month!


I'm in high school-I skipped a grade(:I don't plan on being a concert violinist, or even a professional musician either, I just play for fun. Some of my friends are actally violin or piano prodigies- one of my friends quit public school to homeschool to practice more violin, and another one of my friends practices at least 5 hours on weekends. I must say, I'm more focused on piano than violin, and i'm more focused on schoolwork than music. LOL- I've used the same full-sized violin for 5 years.Most people are surprised when they hear that I'm 5 feet, 8.5 inches, because most Asian girls are short. I have meetings for my chemistry competition club on Thursday afternoons, but the meetings usually end before 3:15, so i get home at 3:45-ish( i live 2 miles away from school, so i get lots of exercise walking home:)Thursday afternoons are good for me-4:00 or 4:30 eastern are better than 5:00, although 5:00 is fine. Wow! Mozart has her own travel TV show! What channel is it on, and what is it called? I think the only times I've ever been on TV was when i walked pass the TV camera for the Taiwan news channel, or for school TV.

jeanne @soultravelers3

Sounds like you and Mozart have a lot in common...she is a grade skipper too. ;)

But, boy you sure have her beat in height. She has always been VERY tiny for her age. We had a baby in our extended family that weighed more than her at 6 months old when she was 5! She was never even near the weight chart they have for babies and kids.

She was very tiny, even in Asia! It is indeed unusual to be tall and Chinese, but of course that happens. One of the first people who taught Mozart Mandarin as a baby is a Chinese friend who is over 6 foot tall and a policeman in SF! ;)

Mozart is finally growing like a weed these days and I think she is 5'2 now. We have VERY tall genes on my side and short genes on her Dad's side, so who knows where she will end up.

She had a feeding problem as a baby, so I think that has impacted things like growth hormones and the device we got in Australia recently is helping that.

We are still in process with the TV show, so not sure about the channel, but they are talking about Disney Channel or Nick. We will see!

Usually, I think that time on Thursday will work...just ping her when you are free.

This Thursday we are going to the Dallas Arboretum, so not sure we will be back in time.

You two should talk together in Chinese! ;)


Last time Mozart and I skype messaged, we talked a bit in Chinese, and it was fun!
My grandparents are all shorter than me by several inches, but my parents are both tall, and my older brother is almost 6 feet:)

Wow! Mozart must be SUPER skinny!Lighter than a 6 month child when 5 years old! Is she still that thin?
Although, I'm 5'8.5, I wear a kid's medium for tops sometimes, and kid's large for shorts LOL:D

In the height and weight chart, I have almost always been above the chart for height, but under the 50% line for weight.So I guess that height and weight chart isn't working for Mozart and me.

Just wondering, did you see the videos i posted on skype? I'm not sure if they went through, so just checking!

What will Mozart's show be about?Tell me what channel her show will be on when you're sure! I'll definitely watch it!!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Yeah Abby, Mozart is still skinny, but she is growing like a weed these days.

She was always around 50% on that height/weight chart, but she was so low weight that she has never even made it to 1% on the weight part.

That just seems to be her normal, but she is muscular and super healthy and high energy.

I have a brother who is 6'6" and 6'4" and even my dad, grandpa and great grandpa are all over 6'2, so tall genes definitely run in our family as does growing late, so we will see where Mozart ends up.

We think it is all good...tall or short. ;)

Sorry, didn't see the videos on skype.

Mozart's show is all about travel and inspiring other kids to travel. We will let you know more when we know!

Jeanne @soultravelers3

To clarify I meant 50% on the height part on that chart, but never ever even made it on the weight part of that chart.

She had a serious feeding problem when she was a baby, so the doctors were very concerned, but after a while they figured it must be her normal.

Because of birth trauma, she never learned to swallow correctly and we just found out that each swallow affects your hormones when the tongue touches the roof of the mouth in normal swallowing.

Thus Mozart has likely been missing some growth hormones, but now we are fixing that problem with the SOMA that we got in Australia and will be writing more about that.

Quite fascinating stuff that we stumbled upon quite by accident.

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