Putin's War on Ukraine, World Change & Travel

March 01, 2022

Putin invading ukraine world supports & travel soultravelers3
Like everyone, I am still in a state of shock over Putin's horrible invasion of Ukraine and how that is changing and devastating our world so quickly, as we all pray for peace. We are about to travel to Europe for an extended van life journey as digital nomads, get our van out of storage & revamp it and like so many, we are super ready for post pandemic travel.

With nuclear threats, high gas prices, big air space changes, ( plus covid), suddenly travel is full of change as is all of life as we know it. Everything has changed and in just 72 hours, Europe overhauled its entire post-Cold War relationship with Russia. Decades of European policy, flipped in days & every country has been affected around the world, but especially Europe where we are headed. 

Pray for ukraine and our world soultravelers3

We are praying for the people of Ukraine & for this war to end quickly as the world unites against evil! I had a life changing visit to Ukraine in 1988 when I went with a hundred person, MSIA peace group (from around the world) to all parts of the former USSR, praying, sending Light and bringing & exchanging healing, loving energy to all.

I accidentally ( karmically) met 2 amazing young people in Ukraine that changed my life:  Maxim Smirnoff ( who risked his life and took me to his friends home where we had tea & I did a seminar, which was against KGB rules & later I introduced to friends in UK when he got out for a bit) & Angel ( met at a young pioneer camp). Send them and all people in Ukraine and Russia Light for healing and peace.

By accident, my post card that I sent to Maxim in Kiev/Kyiv from the UK when I left, some how ended up in a popular teen magazine in USSR & had my Cali address on it. I got thousands and thousands of letters from people in the USSR who wanted out & connected many with American penpals. One I connected my mother to and she helped her get out of a dangerous area and they have since been good friends.As I pray for Ukraine, I also pray for Russia and the innocent, sweet people there I met who are thrown jail and tortured when they protest. I pray for this moment to be a catalyst for us all and I pray for all of Europe and the world, that we may use this as an opportunity to come together and work together towards greater peace, harmony and equality for all. 

Putin's War on Ukraine  World Change & Travel SOULTRAVELERS3

As we pray for Ukraine, freedom, democracy & visualize world peace against Putin war crimes, corrupt oligarchs & cruel authoritarianism, let's also see the blessings here as we watch these amazing, brave heroes in Ukraine & how that might help free us all & end climate change too! Putin’s corrupt power is rooted in international dependence on Russian oil and gas. A global transition to clean energy would save the planet from the climate crisis AND Putin's Russia.

 Ukraine idealism has turned out to be a powerful weapon. They’ve shown older democracies and all of us what it means to fight with integrity against abuse & war crimes, leading to an almost ecstatic global outpouring of support.

Putin's War on Ukraine  World Change & Travel & gandhi quote soultravelers3

This Gandhi quote is the perfect reminder for these transformative times and reminds me where I want to keep my focus. Life goes on, so we continue with our plans for travel & soon will book our flight to Barcelona for late April or early May. We already see that flight prices have gone up and may go up further. Today, our vintage van was moved from storage to our mechanic in Spain, so a thrilling beginning that I will soon share with you. Hope is not cancelled! How are you handling these challenging times? 

Putin's War on Ukraine  World Change & Travel sunflowers on soultravelers3

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