Europe Travel with Friends!

February 15, 2022

Travel europe with friends at soultravelers3
Doesn't everyone dream of traveling Europe with friends when young? As we prepare for our long term travel in Europe leaving this April, we feel so lucky because we have already traveled Europe extensively and lived in Spain, so we have many European friends that we miss.

I just discovered this photo above of Heavenly Reyna and our friends from Sweden when we were last with them vacationing together in Costa Brava at their friends Gäst  B&B. She was 16 then and is now 21, so Covid has kept us apart for far too long. 

travel with friends in Europe! soultravelers3
I met Jessica from Sweden around 30 years ago when I was looking online for a Swedish penpal for my sweet eighty year old neighbor who was born in Sweden. We just hit it off despite me being a generation older and we developed a relationship through long emails when the internet was young. Now she is a psychologist and entrepreneur doing great work. 

We happened to have children around the same time so we have been blessed to spend time with them at their enchanting Swedish home and on the road vacationing together in Barcelona .

Traveling with kids - soultravelers3
This is a photo of the same 3 kids in a car again when they first met in Sweden when Heavenly was 7! It still amazes me that I  met this beautiful Swedish family by chance over the internet and formed a deep friendship only online for many years before the children were born and before we decided to take our world tour. 

Family travel with kids on soultravelers3
Our time with them was one of the highlights of our global journey as they shared their boundless love, beautiful Swedish countryside home, and many joyous Scandinavian customs and traditions with us from Crayfish parties to Kota huts.

Camping Europe with kids -soultravelers3
A few years later, both of our families spent a summer vacation together in our favorite big campsite in Spain where we had our camper parked and they rented a bungalow and we toured Barcelona together and the kids played in pools and waterslides at the campsite. 

Travel with friends in Europe - soultravelers3 vanlfe
We are so happy to be on the same continent again soon with our many wonderful European friends like this that we have not seen in a long time. Now that Heavenly is independent, she will not be with us full time, but thanks to our camper, winter rentals, ( and maybe we will buy a home there) she will have a "home" in Europe too that she can visit for long stays and meet up with all her old friends! 

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