Health Benefits of Sun & Barefoot Beach Walk

March 08, 2023

Health Benefits of Sun & Barefoot Beach Walk sunrise beauty
Who doesn't love a winter beach escape or best warm digital nomad locations on the beach? It is a travel healing support for my weight loss journey & I've now lost 170lbs/ 77 Kilos & just started my Low Carb, Keto diet maintenance phase. I've written before about free sun and beach walks for grounding/earthing & their tremendous benefits and value for healing & longevity. Our Digital nomad travel  life allows us to do all of this very cheaply in exciting places. Larnaca is not the best beach in the whole world, but it still is a great winter beach which changes every day with waves, birds, shells that make me smile  and mostly empty this season ( especially during the week). We are thrilled that we live a lifestyle ( be it  van life or cheap  furnished apartment rentals) that allows us to get this sunlight and healing outdoor living in nature. Grateful  for the warmth here in Cyprus  as LA & Barcelona just got snow this week ( unusual for both any time, let alone in March). 


“Light is the single most important element for setting our circadian clock, or internal 24-hour rhythm, and morning light is key,” says Nathaniel Watson, MD, a sleep specialist and professor of neurology at the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Health Benefits of Sun & Barefoot Beach Walk energize
The first benefit of walking barefoot on a beach, is that it makes me super happy. I don't always make it out at sunrise, but I do always do it in the early morning which is also great for your body clock and gives me an inspiring, energetic & positive start to my day and helps me sleep well at night. 

Health Benefits of Sun & Barefoot Beach Walk yoga stretches sun salutation
“Every single human, just as soon as possible after waking up, should go outside and get at least 15 minutes of direct natural light. Period,” says Dr. Breus, a Los Angeles-based sleep medicine specialist and co-author of the new book, Energize!Go from Dragging Ass to Kicking It in 30 Days.”

Health Benefits of Sun & Barefoot Beach Walk bikini salt water swimming sea ions
Did you know one burns more calories walking on sand compared to sidewalks? It is also healthier for those with  knee, back and hip pain as sand puts less stress on one's body. I even jog some in the sand at 70 ( something I have not done in many decades). I became a runner for years AFTER I ran the first LA Marathon which I ran on a whim without any training and having never run before. I enjoyed running on the beach in LA in those years, and then I crushed my knee badly while running in a redwood forest which ended my running. So I still have some knee issues, but walking on sand seems to help it. 

Health Benefits of Sun & Barefoot Beach Walk jogging circadian rhythm Thriving Mitochondria Metabolic Health
Experts say that walking on the beach can help relieve stress as the rhythm of the waves has a calming effect on our nervous system. 
Exposure to sunlight is believed to boost the brain’s release of serotonin which is sometimes called the ‘happy chemical’, because it contributes to contentment & happiness.

Health Benefits of Sun & Barefoot Beach Walk peaceful inspiration happy
The early morning, in particular, exposes us to a different type of sunlight that we do not get the rest of the day. The sunlight in the morning is full of UV-A and IR-A (or infrared) lights. IR-A rays are potent for health & longevity. The morning sun is critical in syncing our circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms are our internal body clocks that signal a cascade of hormones at the right time each day. It gives us energy throughout the day and makes us sleepy at night.Sunlight not only improves the quality of life, but it extends quantity as well. There are many studies that support the anti-aging effects of infrared light. Red light is shown to help improve skin elasticity and smoothness and boosts the production of collagen.

Health Benefits of Sun & Barefoot Beach Walk healing Circadian rhythms & body clock

Evidence suggests sun exposure may help combat any number of respiratory infections, including COVID, and the production of melatonin in your mitochondria appears to be a key part of how and why that works.Vitamin D has been linked to some impressive results for Covid protection and recovery says Dr. Hyman MD & Dr. Seheul. Even though it’s a helpful supplement, we shouldn’t use it in place of time outdoors due to the incredible “package deal” we get from spending time in sunlight and nature. According to Dr. Holick, ( top Vitamin D expert) everyone should be on a vitamin D supplement & it is unrealistic to think you are going to make enough vitamin D from sun exposure alone, all year round.

Latitude & timing matters in getting vitamin D from the sun, and luckily both LA & Larnaca are at the right latitude to do it in winter ( SF, Barcelona, NYC, Paris etc etc are not). I eat my lunch outside in shorts & tiny top for my vitamin D exposure here that adds to the benefits I get in the morning and sunset. We do morning coffee & tea together on our terrace in the sun when my husband wakes up & I return from my beach walk.

Health Benefits of Sun & Barefoot Beach Walk morning coffee & tea outside on terrace for sun

I AM LIVING PROOF THAT ONE CAN SIGNIFICANTLY RAISE YOUR VITAMIN D LEVELS TO OPTIMAL JUST BY USING FREE SUN, EVEN OVER 60 AND OVERWEIGHT! Getting vitamin D from the sun is  best because when you expose your skin to sunshine , your skin synthesizes vitamin D3 SULFATE. This form of vitamin D is water soluble, unlike oral vitamin D3 supplements, which are unsulfated and fat soluble. The water soluble form can travel freely in your blood stream, whereas the unsulfated form needs LDL as a vehicle of transport. Thus oral non-sulfated form of vitamin D likely will not provide the same benefits as the vitamin D created in your skin from sun  exposure, because it cannot be converted to vitamin D sulfate. Vitamin D made from the sun actually lasts longer in the body, compared with vitamin D from supplements or foods. The SUN is exactly how I got my Vt D from 18 up to 56  (good diet as well with high Vt D /k2/ mineral foods) when in Asia in 2013 & started studying natural cures. Now we do a combo to be extra safe against covid & other infections as Vitamin D supports immune system & longevity. 

Health Benefits of Sun & Barefoot Beach Walk working out fitness weight loss

Some say that morning light exposure is one important way to encourage weight loss. One study showed that adults with early morning exposure to light were more likely to have a lower BMI. Another 2018 study found that red light therapy combined with exercise training increased insulin sensitivity and lowered inflammation.In addition, there is extensive research on the correlation between circadian disruption and metabolic challenges. Morning sunlight’s ability to regulate the circadian rhythm has a significant ability to undo this disruption. The earlier I go, the better and more energetic that I feel & I adore the feel of sand and salt water on my feet.

Health Benefits of Sun & Barefoot Beach Walk sand and sea water heal

Researchers found that infrared light both increases the number of mitochondria and boosts their function. Research also shows that sun exposure adds longevity. One study of 30,000 Swedish women sought to measure the effects on the sun and lifespan. It found that those who spent more time in the sun had, on average, an increased lifespan. Sea water and sea air has also been proven to increase health. I usually wade up to my hips in this sea water, but haven't gone in for a full swim yet, but I watch others enjoying it, even on cold days in January when I was bundled up & my bare feet got cold. 

Health Benefits of Sun & Barefoot Beach Walk swimming runnung in sea

Walking barefoot on sand, combined with standing in the ocean, will actually serve to massage the soles of your feet like a free foot massage!  The motion activates venous and lymphatic circulation, making your feet feel nice and relaxed. My feet really love it, especially the deeper, squishy sand that I go out of my way for & the salty sea water waves.Walking on the sand will exfoliate your feet too & makes them feel softer. They have a lovely concrete long boardwalk along the beach, but I love to be right on the sand with my feet in the water! 

Health Benefits of Sun & Barefoot Beach Walk footprint in the sand by the sea
How about you? What are your thoughts about sunrise barefoot walking, sun and grounding benefits? 

Health Benefits of Sun & Barefoot Beach Walk jogging boardwalk larnaca cyprus

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