Best Warm Winter Digital Nomad Destinations!

November 30, 2022

Best Warm Winter  Digital Nomad Destinations!
Life is so much easier by a beach and in warm weather, so we rarely spend time in cold, snowy weather. As pioneer digital nomads, van lifers  and worldschoolers, we always skip the cold, unless it is just a quick stop to ski for a weekend. We wintered many years in Andalucia starting in 2006 & also wintered in Penang for many years as well as time in  Australia, Tahiti, California, Mexico, Santa Fe, Barcelona, Dallas and Florida

Best Warm Winter  Digital Nomad Destinations! sunsets & boats
Nomad list says there are 429 winter warm places for digital nomads, so the possibilities are endless, but we will narrow it down to ones that work best & intrigue  us, based on low prices, comfort & exciting environment. Also flights to and from one location to the next, figures into the budget and choice. Since we are house hunting in Spain, staying not foo far, while doing the Schengen shuffle, makes the most sense for us now. 


Best Warm Winter Digital Nomad Destinations!  Andalucia southern spain

Spain is our favorite country and Andalucia is a fantastic place to winter near mountains & beautiful beaches, cheap rent, good internet, friendly people, wonderful community celebrations, & returning to "our village" in the East of Malaga area worked well for our daughter to immerse in the language & culture for five months every winter attending a local school in 1st through 4th grade creating deep location independent friendships

Best Warm Winter Digital Nomad Destinations!  remote work & world schooling
As digital nomad & world schooling pioneers starting in 2005/6 when there were no iphones & wifi was often not available wandering Europe, we often had to make up our own ways to remote work & remote school. Plus one of our goals was to raise our child as fluent & literate in Mandarin Chinese & Spanish, and she played piano & violin, so this worked well for us. We did vanlife in Europe for 7 months wandering slowly & then wintered in a furnished rental home..always as a happy " 3 laptop family". Our daughter was mostly off tech, but it worked well when needed. 

Best Warm Winter Digital Nomad Destinations!  east of malaga andalucia


 Another one of our favorite places is in the countryside near Barcelona and many spectacular beaches & we have spent a lot of time here over the years. We're house hunting here now & excited this will be our first xmas here.

Best Warm Winter Digital Nomad Destinations!  barcelona beach hang out for remote work

We've done long stay  vanlife camping as well as furnished apartment rentals here since 2006, so know the area well. People do camp here all year long, but the prices are also cheap for the bungalows, so we are in a 3 bedroom one now, but will return to camping here in our vintage camper van when we return in late April. 

Best Warm Winter Digital Nomad Destinations!  lap top lifestyle barcelona vanlife


Our next digital nomad location will be in Larnaca, Cyprus with a two minute walk to the beach and very walkable old town! This will be our first time in this country, but it gets raves as a digital nomad destination as well as a popular holiday/vacation spot!

Best Warm Winter Digital Nomad Destinations! laptop lifestyle   cheap luxury remote work

We will be there in off season from mid January through late April doing our "Schengen Shuffle" & have booked our flights and cute place to stay. We're looking forward to exploring the whole island & might even do some house hunting while there too. I will write more details once we spend some time there. 


Best Warm Winter Digital Nomad Destinations!  penang malaysia SE asia

We spent many winters in Penang, Malaysia and SE Asia as that is where my daughter immersed in her Mandarin ( as well as China). It is a great place if you love tropical weather, cheap prices, great street food, Indian, Malay & Chinese cultures as well as many expats. We prefer Europe and Med weather, but SE Asia is a great digital nomad destination & we are grateful that we got to know it so well. 


Best Warm Winter Digital Nomad Destinations!  Tahiti bora bora remote work

Tahiti is one of my favorite places on this planet & I have lots of articles here and here and here on my blog ( and more) about how to do it cheaply. It is not a digital nomad hot spot destination, but I would love to do a long stay there again and will look into it. Some have done it as remote workers, so why not us? My motto is "if there is a will, there is always a way". 


Best Warm Winter Digital Nomad Destinations!  kotor montenegro

We loved going back to Kotor Riviera in Montenegro this past fall & would love to do a winter there as the beauty there is astounding, great prices, fast internet, historical sites and good people. We even did a little house hunting there for a possible investment property. 
Best Warm Winter Digital Nomad Destinations!  Montenegro views remote work

We spent a lot of time this fall returning to Croatia and it is another wonderful possibility as it has a mild winter especially along the southern coast like Dubrovnik and that area. 

Best Warm Winter Digital Nomad Destinations!  DUBROVNIC CROATIA


These locations are on my list and we will get to eventually as I am interested in exploring new areas as well as returning to places we love. 

Where is your favorite place to winter and why? 

Best Warm Winter Digital Nomad Destinations!  remote work beach living

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