Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona!

October 30, 2023

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona!
Autumn in Europe & stunning Barcelona in fall is a bewitching destination full of surprises! We're grateful that the crisp autumn air & fall colors transforms the city into a captivating and slightly spooky destination.  Barcelona is drenched in warm, golden hues creating a picturesque backdrop for your harvest holiday getaway. October is pleasant T-shirt weather, with highs of 71℉ ( 21.6°C) & lows of 60℉ (15.5°C) providing ideal weather for travel.Don't these pumpkins from the famous La Boqueria market on La Rambla in Barcelona make you smile?

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! Yellow leaves spain autumn

We have celebrated Halloween in Bora Bora, Halloween in Italy, Halloween in New York City and New Jersey as well as Barcelona and France. We bought one Halloween costume in beautiful Sirince Turkey and another one at the Hogwarts Castle in England.Raising our daughter Heavenly Reyna around the world for a decade meant interesting holidays. Looking for the best place in the world to celebrate Halloween?

If you are looking to scare yourself silly, you might enjoy the decorated skulls at the “Beinhaus” in Austria or the bone church in Portugal or maybe one of the torture museums in Europe, like this one in Spain. Things have changed a LOT since our first Halloween in Spain in 2006. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! shops bakeries celebrating autumn & halloween

Halloween has become a popular holiday in Barcelona in the last 5 years. It doesn’t have the pomp and hype like  in the US, but rather a unique traditional feel that sets it apart from most European countries. It is Halloween and Castañada. Some fusion has occurred, but the external tradition remains. In the above photo of a bakery in Barcelona, you see the local traditional pastries along with the spooky and fall Halloween decorations of jack-o'-lantern pumpkins and bats.

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! spain beautiful leaves sun autumn red  yellow  gold   green

Better known as El Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead or All Souls Day), Halloween in Spain is a three-day celebration that starts on October 31st with Dia de las Brujas (Day of the Witches), continues with Dia de Todos los Santos (All Saints Day) on November 1st, and finishes with Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) on November 2nd. Each region celebrates a little differently.

Historically, Catalans celebrate All Saints’ Day (1st November) by going to church and visiting family graves with flowers, candles & prayers in remembrance of the dead. They also celebrate La Castanyada, either on the 1st November or the 31st October, by eating roasted chestnuts and sweet bread rolls known as panallets. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! kids halloween clothes & costumes
Spain selling Halloween costumes and spooky season clothes and decorations is a fairly new thing in Barcelona.We were surprised as we walked by some of these store windows this week.There are many expats living in Barcelona so I am sure that has some influence. As well as TV, movies and the internet. But Spaniards know how to make it their own. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! kids halloween clothes & costumes

Autumn in Barcelona is magical because the Mediterranean weather is still relatively sunny and warm. Yet, like most places in Europe, the foliage changes colors and begins to fall off trees. While much of the fall foliage in North America takes on a fiery red hue, autumn leaves in Europe are mostly yellow & golden in color. We enjoy taking walks enjoying these beautiful autumn colors beneath a gorgeous canopy like this photo in Gaudi's Guell Park this week. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! Gaudi Park Quell yellow leaves autumn


Thanks to Barcelona’s prime locale in the Mediterranean region of coastal Spain, the city enjoys the best of both worlds in terms of weather. It is not hot like summer here, but more like California Halloween weather, warm and delightful! 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! Swimming in pool in late October
At our luxury resort near the beach and Sitges, where we are loving our tiny home  vintage van lifestyle, lots of people are savoring the pool in late October Halloweekend. Most Mediterranean trees are perennial and never lose their leaves (like pine trees, or palms).  

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! autumn colored leaves

There are less red leaf colors in Barcelona area, but you do find some. So a magnificent combo of the best of both worlds. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! La Boqueria Market beautiful veggies pumpkins

Barcelona in late October offers a perfect blend of Halloween spookiness and rich culture. You can still dine outside or enjoy a cup of coffee in  the many outdoor cafes. The crowds are lighter and prices lower. There are endless events happening like this year a Picasso and Miro show. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! Gaudi house Guell park autumn
One can mingle with nature in Barcelona as the parks and natural areas convert into an enchanting canvas of autumn colors. We strolled through Gaudi's house in  Park Güell and enjoyed the rustling leaves, the scent of fallen chestnuts & lovely jazz music by a street musician. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! Spaniards love celebrating spooky season

Halloween in Spain is mainly observed as a children’s holiday.  At the luxury camping resort we stay at it is a big weekend for local Spaniards to bring their kids. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! pumpkins spain celebrating music

 This is a fairly recent occasion. We have been coming here regularly for almost twenty years with our vintage camping van.  As I went on my morning walk on Halloweekend, the central  big video screen was showing this pumpkin scene and playing music. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! swimming joy on Halloween spain pool beauty

That is me on Halloweekend in one of the 3 huge pools here at our camping resort. I loved having it all to my self at around noon! The music was playing and the beauty surrounding me was like a tantalizing movie. BUT the water was cold, so only for the brave. It was a bit hard to get into, but once I was in it, I felt great. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona!  palm tree beauty color autumn spain

Do palm trees count as fall color? I love these beautiful palm trees here and their exotic orange fruit. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! kids play pool late october sun

The kids enjoy the sun and seem to love the cold water too. Nothing stops children from finding joy, so we should learn from them. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! kids family costumes witches party fun

I love how the Spanish love to celebrate and are so family oriented. The kids and adults enjoy the costumes and there is a big contest for best costume and best dance routine. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! kids trick or treat decorations camping party

Many of the rented bungalows here and the camper vans and caravans were decorated for Halloween. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! pumpkin carving spain

Some even carved pumpkins and got into the whole scary season and trick or treat vibe.

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! spooky season decorations colorful kids family fun
Barcelona offers a plethora of activities to indulge in fall and American style Halloween events.While it’s great to visit Catalonia any time of the year, autumn is when the city comes into its own.

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! spooky decorations funny Día de las Brujas'

Young Spaniards enjoy dressing up for a party and love the opportunity to get in costume and head out for the evening. The large number of foreign tourists, and expats makes October 31st  one of Barcelona’s liveliest nights. Most bars,hotels and clubs around town throw fantastic fiestas & parties with prizes for the best costumes.

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! spooky season decorations fun  funny skeleton

Barcelona celebrates Halloween with a lineup of eerie and entertaining events for kids and families too.  The 'Barcelona Halloween Festival' at Poble Espanyol transforms the venue into a spooky wonderland with haunted houses, costume contests, and fantastic live performances. It's a family-friendly event where kids can enjoy trick-or-treating and pumpkin carving.

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! dad & son putting up spooky decorations

 I loved taking this photo of a dad and his child putting up their Halloween weekend  decorations at our camping resort. All the families really get into it and the kids love it. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! trick or treat bag pumpkin decorations spooky fun

Perhaps the most exciting place for Halloween in Spain is a theme park called Port Adventura near Tarragona, Spain. It is just fast train stop away from us and also easy to get to from Barcelona. I've got it on my bucket list for next year maybe!

During Halloween Season, from 24 September to 13 November 2023, the park is transformed into a spooky, horror fantasyland, with amazing decorations, music, costumes, shows, and activities. One American expat Halloween fanatic loved it and called it "Halloween on STEROIDS!!!!! ".

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! autumn leaves yellow shades nuts

If you are in Barcelona on October 5th, do not miss the famous and fun Sitges Zombie walk that everyone can participate in. The Sitges Zombie Walk is held during the Sitges Film Festival ( that started in1968). More than 1,000 people dress up as zombies and make their way through the town before partying the night away! 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona!  autumn leaves orange and palm trees   bule skies

Autumn delights in Barcelona range from nightlife and beach lounging to cultural activities and art galleries. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! fallen leaf autumn beauty simplicity

There really is something for everyone. In the colorful fall, it transforms into a vibrant wonderland, fulfilling the cravings of nature lovers, art lovers, beach addicts, Halloween lovers, kids, singles and romantic couples. 

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! sunshine blue skies decorations autumn spooky fun celebrations

Have you been to Barcelona in the colorful fall or at Halloween? What is your favorite experience that you have done or want to do there?

Fall Color & Halloween in Barcelona! spooky season decorations foods pumpkins markets fun

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Lorraine Caputo

So very cool that Catalans have embraced the traditions of another culture so warmly!

(Though Hallowe'en is a magical time of year!)

Jeanne Dee

Yes , Lorraine, it is great to see how they have made it their own! It is a huge change from when we first came here in 2006!


Great information and fantastic pictures! Will need to take a trip to Barcelona in the fall.


How fun! I didn't know it was celebrated in Barcelona similarly to how it is celebrated in the United States.

jeanne dee

Aw, thanks Monica! I also love Barcelona best in the spring, but it is truly lovely in every season! Now I am looking forward to xmas here and then off to a hot Schengen shuffle destination. :)

jeanne dee

Thanks Jaime! This is very new and only in the last 5 years have they been celebrating Halloween here, so it is fun to see and experience. We've been coming here regularly for almost 20 years and only wish they did this when my daughter was small and traveling with us.


What a beautiful time of year to be in Barcelona. I was only travelled there in the spring. I would have loved to experienced halloween there when we were there with our kiddos!

jeanne dee

Thanks Michele! Spring is my favorite time in Barcelona, but I love that now they have so much for Halloween as this is new!


Fall and halloween are great times that we can unwind, really. It's entertaining and motivating for me to know that Catalan's also celebrate these and they are making efforts! Thanks for sharing =)

jeanne dee

Thanks Gladis! What I think Catalans and Spanish do better than most is enjoying life and having fun no matter what time of year.So it was not too surprising to see them enjoy fall and Halloween too! :)


Cool to see the Fall colors in Barcelona and how Halloween is celebrated in Barcelona. Here in the Netherlands events for Halloween have come up a lot in the last 5 to 10 years. It's fun.

jeanne Dee

Aw, thanks Cosette! Every day the fall colors get stronger here and make me smile! So cool to see Barcelona and Holland enjoying Halloween more now. It is a fun holiday.

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