DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona

September 14, 2023

DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona

Do you love camping, van life and glamping? We love our Schengen Shuffle,  digital nomad van life based near Barcelona & the beach. We had a blast surprising our twentysomething daughter & Twitch star,  Heavenly with some super luxury camping on a tiny budget! Glamping & slow travel are eco-minded, green travel with a focus on sustainability too. 

DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona

We have all been visiting this Barcelona  luxury camping resort since 2006 & love it with so many great memories. This was our first family vacation together since we started our empty nest couples travel, so we wanted to make it extra special. Heavenly Reyna also sang on Twitch from her glamping tent to her awesome worldwide fans which was a new endeavor for all! Our camping neighbors would walk by saying our beautiful it looked. 

DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona night

Glamping ( glamorous camping) is rising in popularity, but prices can add up, unless you do your own DIY luxury camping. We love creating beauty and luxury on a budget so this was right up our alley. We did this with our homes & recently revamping our vintage camper van that we have owned since 2005. 

DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona  beaches
In our digital nomad van lifestyle, we usually put a tent up in Barcelona  just for fun and additional space during our long stays, but wanted a special surprise. We love all the best parts of camping and van life here like being close to nature, open spaces, fresh air, plus the pools, restaurants but loved adding even more comfort, luxury and relaxation of a regular vacation. 

We also bought Heavenly a brand new guitar & have her original high end Yamaha digital piano she traveled the world with in our vintage camper that she practiced on daily  & pioneered taking Skype piano lessons as we roamed the world. Since she was also going to Twitch Con in Paris, it harder for her to travel light with a guitar and all the gear she needed to livestream while traveling. 

Twitch star Heavenly reyna singing and streaming in  Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona

 Heavenly  is a very successful music streamer on Twitch ( don't miss her), but it was a big stretch for all involved to do it on the move and in a tent! So proud of her and her magnificent supportive fans from around the world! It went fantastic!

DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona  beautiful

We found this popular guitar made in the UK in Sitges and met a great family of musicians that play at this luxury resort sometimes and all around the area and also have a spectacular music store, so I will write more about that soon!

DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona van life

 I don't think you can really tell by the photos how big and private this campsite and pitch is, but it was perfect for indoor - outdoor living. We used to do long stays here every spring and fall so very much one of our homes in this world as it is also a perfect jump off point for visits to other places in Europe like Italy and France. 


We were so excited when she arrived that we forgot to catch it on film, but at least we caught a tiny bit ( and one of her zillion omg's).  She knows the tent as we have had it for years, but she was shocked by all the glamping luxury we created for her to have her own space. The tent normally sleeps 6 I think and I have seen many families of 4 in this same tent, but it was just right for our princess. Later I will do a post about all the great luxury items we bought to make it special and where we got them. 

van conversion vintage van DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona
Adding a glamping tent set up to a long stay van life is a special treat we will use forever. This was the first time that Heavenly got to see how we made our vintage camping van look brand new and she loved it. Our van actually sleeps 6 ( cab over master suite, bunkbeds and table cushions folds out to double bed), but we find it perfect for two adult ( and one tiny kid for a decade). 

vintage van conversion camper van revamp barcelona van lifestyle

We hope to enjoy our vintage van home to explore Europe for another decade or two and then pass it on to Heavenly and hope she can have as much fun with her kid/s as we did with her.  Even after we buy our home in Spain, we will do getaway jaunts in our beloved camper tiny home!You can see her digital piano in this picture  on the bunkbed in the back, so easy to pull out and use. 

DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona

"If there is a will, there is always a way" is one of the mottos I live by. We enjoyed the process of creating this glamping surprise as we thrive on creativity and ways to produce beauty as our marriage theme and primary vow was/is to co-create heaven on earth together. Often it is just the little details that make a big difference. 

DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona  van conversion

I loved this view out my vintage van kitchen window!

DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona rugs desk pillows

Finding what we needed in a foreign land without a car, was sometimes a challenge, but we know how to ad lib when needed. Plus the Spaniards and Europeans know well how to create beauty, fun and celebration on a small budget.

Heavenly reyna twitch star movie star as a world traveling kid

Camping and glamping in a tent is not new to Heavenly as she grew up with this. Here she is about 6 or 7 in this same campground surrounded by her toys ( probably watching Harry Potter). For a minimalist kid, she still managed to be spoiled like most of her generation ( compared to her parents upbringing). We used this pup tent as her private play space and where she could entertain friends or have sleep overs. 

Heavenly reyna twitch singing streamer in DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona

I knew she would love spending time in the hammock as she always loved it. Sure enough, it did not take her long to check it out and remember all those fun times in it as a kid. 

DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona
Seeing her have fun in these ways and this place, reminded us of how lucky she was in her childhood to have so much freedom. How lucky we all were to have so much time together as childhood passes so quickly. She likely does not remember it all like we do, but some day when we are gone she will still have the blog and the zillion photos and videos we took. 

DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona

The only hard part of glamping while doing van life is it takes longer to pack up everything when you leave. But that is not too much of a problem if one's flight out is not too early. We started breaking down a day before we all left ( in between pool breaks). It does all fit nicely in our camper van and we will be glad to see it and get it all out again when we return in October for more house hunting. It will be a fun office space for us or ready for another guest!

heavenly reyna twitch singer and actress world travel childhood DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona

 Our glamping was pretty simple when she was young, but we cherish those old memories as we create new memories now and in the future. 

DIY Luxury Glamping Near Barcelona

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Gloria li

This looks so luxurious and definitely worth a try

Jeanne Dee

Thanks Gloria! It worked perfectly and we had a lot of fun creating the surprise! We will soon be heading back to Barcelona for a long stay again, so looking forward to creating it again for another friend from France who will be visiting. :) Love being a van lifer with a "guest house".

Josy A

This looks brilliant! You really know how to make glamping incredible! That tent looks soooo luxurious to me (we were camping at the weekend, but with a waaay less impressive setup!

Jeanne Dee

Aw, thanks bunches Josy! It was so fun creating it and it all breaks down simply so we store in in our camper van easily. It does take time to put up and take down, so we would only do it for a long stay. Or a special surprise like this. We don't need and do not put up any tent when we are moving faster exploring in our camper van. We can also use things like the rugs in our vintage van. Enjoy your weekend camping!!


What an incredible experience. Looks like my kind of camping haha. Lovely that you brought the hammock to relive special memories too.

jeanne dee

Thanks so much Pam! It is the kind of camping that feels luxurious and this resort is quite spectacular with 3 huge pools with sea views ( one indoors), jacuzzi, hiking trails, restaurants & the best croissants in Europe! :) It was really cute that she jumped into the hammock on her own just like old times.

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