Chinese New Year in Asia 农历新年 春节

February 18, 2015

Chinese New Year in Asia 农历新年 春节

Have you spent Chinese New Year in Asia? To really understand the Spring Festival Year of the Sheep, one has to be in Asia and better yet be Chinese! The next best thing is to live in or do extended travel in Asia and participate in how millions celebrate this holiday.

In America I never thought much about Chinese New Year and didn't know what "Kung Hei Fat Choy" or "Gong Xi Fa Cai" meant. Unless you are a Chinese American, it is not a big holiday in America.

Chinese New Year in Asia 农历新年 春节

Thanks to having a Mandarin speaking teen who sings in Chinese too and writes songs in Mandarin ( having gone to a Chinese school for 3 years in Malaysia and Beijing), my perspective is very different now!

She was even lucky enough to experience Chinese New Year in Asia with her 87 year old Grandmother and they were on TV!

Mozart celebrating Chinese New Year in Asia and dragon dance with her Grandma

In Asia, Chinese New Year is bigger than Christmas here and a beautiful, special holiday. Put it on your bucket list!

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Luke Mitchell

I have always wanted to add this to my sights to see, the colours are vibrant and amazing and the culture is long and rich. It's one of those places that cannot be enjoyed enough with just one visit, so I have a feeling it will take multiple trips back to feel as though I've soaked up enough of China. (if ever!)

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