Mozart Sings Her Original Song "Dear Heart" - Official Music Video

March 08, 2016

Trilingual Pop Princess Mozart sings "Dear Heart" Official Music Video

At 15, world-traveling, green-eyed Pop singer Mozart is a prodigious, prolific songwriter in her fluent Mandarin, Spanish and English. She recently starred in the movie "Rose" which has already won five film festival awards and also includes her song "Ashes" , plus just released her latest song "Dear Heart" with it's official music video.

Spending the last ten years exploring non-stop travel around the world to 48 countries and being a polyglot, deeply affects her music and songwriting, well beyond her years. She recently graduated high school at 14 and has a 4.0 GPA at SMC, so learning new lessons by world schooling in the real world of music and acting. 

Actress and singer Mozart starring in the movie "Rose"

The appeal is clear: Often compared to a more positive songwriting version of Lorde with her songs "Ashes" and "Ignite" and to a younger version of Colbie Caillat with this song "Dear Heart", Mozart blends captivating lyrics with fresh pop melodies that haunt and inspire. The music video has already clocked up almost fifty five thousand views on Youtube - Muzic by Mozart in two weeks! 

Teen singer Mozart filming her music video for "Dear Heart"

The now LA-based artist has been penning tunes since she was four, but things really started taking off when she wrote her song "You're Not Alone" "You're Not Alone" at 13 to help the cause of Human Trafficking and Dallas Lovato took it to the producers of the movie trilogy "Caged". Mozart recently made a lyric video for this song. Her cinematic song "Ashes" was also very popular as was the positive and affirming "Ignite". 


The "Dear Heart" music video was filmed at the gorgeous Guasti Villa/Busby Berkeley Mansion which is now the best spiritual oasis in Los Angeles called the Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens. I will be writing more about this magical place soon as it is free and open to the public. Also shooting took place in the mountains above Santa Barbara on a beautiful ranch. Both locations help to really bring out the beauty and passion in the song. We film all our music videos and Mozart does all the editing as well. 

Teen actress and singer Mozart at home in Los Angeles

I love it that Mozart sings and writes songs from her heart and hopes that she touches people as her big goal in life is to do her part in changing the world. While juggling hard college courses, she is also doing a weekly radio show/podcast in LA to advise teens, performing this month with the Los Angeles philharmonic in Chinese with her prestigious choir NCC, creating weekly Muzic by Mozart Youtube videos,as well as songwriting,voice, dance, acting classes, recording, auditioning and acting, playing  her 4 instruments & more. Whew!  What an extraordinary and unexpected journey this has been for the whole family!

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Wow! You go Mozart!! I am so impressed with this young lady and her parents who support her!

She has always been a star and it is wonderful watching her share her beautiful soul with the world!

I am not a bit surprised her extensive travels effect her music. It really touches the heart.

Keep it up!


She had created a wonderful video.It had Refreshed my soul.
Thanhs for the blog share

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