Visit Edinburgh at Fringe Festival or Not

September 07, 2017

Visit Edinburgh at Fringe Festival or Not

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe is one of the biggest celebrations on our planet. It's wild, packed and with over 50, 000 shows from big names to unknowns. It has been going on every August for seventy years. Yet on Mozart's 10 city European solo concert tour in Europe this summer, we purposely missed it, but not Edinburgh

Visit Edinburgh at Fringe Festival or Not

Why? We visited Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival when Mozart was 8, so wanted to see it in summer outside the Fringe season when it is calmer. The highlight for Mozart at eight was learning how to spin some yarn from a colorful Scottish street performer. 

Some things remain the same in Edinburgh

Mozart Dee in Edinburgh at Fringe Festival

whether one is visiting Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival or not, like this beautiful red door at the picturesque  St. Columba's Free Church of Scotland. 

Mozart Dee in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is always a gorgeous city and some issues matter less if you are just traveling from Great Britain, but if you are just making one visit to Scotland, ( as is true for many in the US) you may or may not want to come during the Fringe Festival.

Visit Edinburgh at Fringe Festival or Not

There are always tourist crowds in Edinburgh during the summer, as the picture above shows in June on the Royal Mile, but things get much, much more crowded and much, much more expensive during August and the Fringe Festival. 

Visit Edinburgh at Fringe Festival or Not

So if you only have one time to visit Edinburgh, you will have to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and decide what is best for you. 

Visit Edinburgh Fringe and The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

You will only see the spectacular Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo at the castle during the Fringe Festival, but you can visit the castle and meet the guards at any time. 

Mozart Dee in Edinburgh at the Fringe Festival

 If one goes early and the you luck out to not have rain, one can enjoy the excitement and crowds of the Fringe. 

art museum Edinburgh

Yet, it is also nice to enjoy places like the National Galleries of Scotland with less visitors.

bagpiper in Edinburgh

 You won't miss the kilts or bagpipes no matter what time you visit Edinburgh, Fringe or not. 

  Mozart Dee in Edinburgh holding owl meme

There are lots of fun things to do like holding an owl and other endless entertainment on the streets of  Edinburgh no matter what time you go, although that increases during the Fringe along with the crowds.   

  beautiful Edinburgh travel photo

 Edinburgh has a charm that will always make you smile, but especially when the sun is out and we happened to have less rain in June ( although rain was forecast) than we did when there in August. Note, we mostly needed jackets and sweaters both times. 

  Mozart Dee in Edinburgh on European solo concert tour #MozartigniteTour

The green open spaces and parks will delight every age as you can tell with Mozart visiting the same park at 16 

Mozart Dee in Edinburgh! Cute kid dressed in kilt and Scottish clothes

and also on her first visit at eight! 

Edinburgh travel

The only person who can really decide whether to visit Edinburgh during the Fringe Festival or not, is you. 

Mozart Dee in Edinburgh Fringe Festival - cute Scottish kid dressed in kilt!

 One just has to look at the pros and cons and experience that you are most looking for, especially if it is a one time visit from a far distance, but the good news is that Edinburgh is always a great destination! Have you been? 

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So Amazing pictures of Scotland

I personally like that Bagpiper one

Oliver Terry

with lots & lots of people & traditions. I love this place.

Oliver Terry

with lots & lots of people & traditions. I love this place.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Oliver! I agree!! Mozart enjoyed Edinburgh so much, she said she'd like to live there some day, but I think she might miss the sun after a while as she has lived in mostly sunny places her whole life. But it is a wonderful place to visit any time!!

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