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October 14, 2013

learing free self healing secret in China lajin

We learned some secrets about Chinese Medicine TCM while in China on a Chinese medicine tour and also because the amazing Mandarin school in Beijing that we worked with had a fantastic TCM doctor as a principal. This is her teaching our friend Winser from China Travel 2.0 how to do it.


On our health journey I am always looking for cheap health secrets for our minimalist family.
Profound but simple ideas or recipes that we can use as we travel the world for our travel health, but also for you at home on a budget.


Things like  DIY healthy shampoo and homemade healthy deodorant  to cooking real food and learning to make healthy ice cream, calfouti, fermented salsa, pizza, goat cheese, healthy chips, mayonaise, kefir, bone broth, grass fed raw milk,or pastured raw eggs!

The Spirit of Lao Tzu was definitely all around us in China. Immersing in a Chinese school in Beijing was a fantastic experience for us and our daughter. I was thrilled to learn this new self-healing trick too while there.


I  loved this simple Lajin stretch machine most of the adults ( parents and teachers) used at the lovely Waldorf style school we immersed in while in Beijing. I hear they are very popular in China and they look very easy to make as the design is very simple.

One can even do it will chairs which I have been doing here in Penang since we returned and should be able to do most places we travel to. It looks simple, but is actually very powerful if done daily. This hub page gives the basic instructions on how to do Lajin even with chairs.

Want to try it? Any questions? I adore having this in my health toolbox. How about you?

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Just want to say thank you. A few months ago you wrote a post about VitD3 and its benefits. I tried it and in just a few days I noticed an improvement in my general outlook on life. After a week, a lifelong problem with highly sensitive/ painful gums had improved tremendously. And now, after a recent visit to the dentist I was told my gums were in great condition and to continue whatever I had been doing. This is a first for me, I have never (until now) had a good report from the dentist.


Thanks so much Kathy for letting me know! I can't tell you how gratifying it is to know that my sharing what I learn along the way on my healing journey helps others!!

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