Halloween Travel Around the World!

October 29, 2014

Halloween travel around the world

What are the best spooky, spine-tingling Halloween travel destinations in the world?  From witches in Prague to haunted houses in New York City, to bone churches in Austria and Medieval torture chambers in Spain......

Halloween travel around the world - pumpkin jackolantern

......we've seen it all and share the best with you!

Halloween travel around the world - Italy

We had an enchanting Halloween in Umbria when Mozart was eight among all the colorful vineyards with a costume we bought earlier in Turkey ( that she also wore to tour Ephesus to add to the excitement for a young one and it's a sweet souvenir).

Halloween travel around the world - decorated skulls in Europe

 If you are looking to scare yourself silly, you might like the decorated skulls at the “Beinhaus” in Austria or the bone church in Portugal or maybe one of the torture museums in Europe, like this one in Spain.

Halloween travel around the world - torture museum

Mozart actually loved these sites and found them fascinating as most kids do, but they were too much for my taste. She also adored the buried alive bodies from Pompeii which is another possible Halloween themed getaway if your kids like Horrible History kind of books.

Halloween travel around the world-buried alive body in Pompeii

During the last nine years on our world tour, we have had some fascinating Halloweens, celebrating them around the world.

Halloween travel around the world-witches and goblins in Europe

Even in places that don't celebrate this holiday ,like Mozart did last year with a DIY Halloween costume in Asia.

Halloween travel around the world- DIY costume in Asia

If you are traveling with a kid on Halloween, there is always a way to celebrate.This will be our first year of celebrating Halloween in Texas and Mozart is going to be her favorite Greek Goddess, Aphrodite.

Halloween travel around the world-cute kid Halloween costume and pumpkins

It is going to be hard to beat the Halloween in California  while visiting grandma,(the first Halloween at home in 6 years), but this year Mozart will be singing / performing, so that will be a new thrill.

Halloween travel around the world-catching candy at the Halloween parade

When I was very sick in 2011, we went home for 5 months, so  Mozart  got to celebrate with old friends and relatives in the beach parade (that she did for the first five years of her life and still remembered). I think she got to cherish it more than if we had done it every year and was the perfect age for it.

Halloween travel around the world-celebrating Halloween at the beach

Combining sun, sea, beach and too much candy like only a lovely beach town in California can do.

Halloween travel around the world-pumpkin display in Europe

Our first European travel year's Halloween while on the road  was quite different in coastal Spain, but fun too.

Halloween around the world - New York City at Met museum

One of her favorite Halloween's was when we were in New York City to meet the disadvanted kids in Harlem, Bronx, Queens etc. that we were taking with us around the world virtually.

We connected with Conde Nast travel writer Wendy Perrin and her family for a Halloween we will never forget. That year she went as her heroine Hermione from Harry Potter, a costume we purchased at Hogwarts in England.

Halloween around the world - dracula in Barcelona

The next year she tweaked that costume in Barcelona to turn it into a vampire theme as they scurried around one of our favorite campsites trick or treating.

Halloween around the world - Bora Bora hula girl

We seem to have a world trip habit now of buying costumes in one place and using them in another. When we discovered that we would be in Bora Bora on Halloween, we bought a hula girl costume in Kauai on the way there. It was the perfect costume to trick or treat in Tahiti!

Halloween around the world -costumes and parade in Spain

Like her unusual birthday celebrations around the world, Mozart is going to have some wild and crazy Halloween memories. And that doesn't even count her other opportunities of dressing in costume for celebrating things like Carnival in Spain.

Have you ever traveled during Halloween? What are your Halloween plans this year?

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