Watch Heavenly Reyna in Film 'The Greatest Ever' Trailer & Hotel Cafe!

February 12, 2024

Watch Heavenly Renya in Film 'The Greatest Ever' Trailer & Hotel Cafe!  actress award winning singer sweet movie
Award winning actress Heavenly Reyna has a new movie coming out April 4th & is singing tonight at Hotel Cafe! Charismatic Fame at a Deadly Cost & Glass Darkly  actress Heavenly Reyna stars in a new indie film which sees her belting out an amazing song she helped write and produce. Heavenly Reyna dazzles playing an iconic pop star in this touching movie about a young girl striving to leave her mark on the world despite having all the odds stacked against her. This inspiring film was directed by Steve Grimaldi ( of family friendly hit Twelve) & stars Bradley Stryker, Kelly Deadmon, Ward Horton, Cate Elefante and Alexandra Bradley. Check out the official trailer & be blown away by Heavenly's vocals! And do not miss her performing live tonight at LA's popular venue  Hotel Cafe at 9pm Feb 12th’s MONDAY MONDAY showcase!!


Trilingual actress, singer and songwriter Heavenly Reyna keeps adding projects to her acting résumé despite the SAG strike! ( This was filmed last summer on the east coast with special permission). Heavenly has won a Best Actress Award for her lead roles in Glass Darkly recently and her first film Rose. She is a hard working, multi talented artist. Thanks to Instagram, this is a photo of her performing at the Hotel Cafe this week!

Heavenly reyna  Watch Heavenly Reyna in Film 'The Greatest Ever' Trailer & Hotel Cafe!  amazing trilingual singer and actress

Don't miss Heavenly singing five times a week online and join her Patreon for more perks! She is a Partner on Twitch ( a popular music & gaming streaming channel) based in LA and has a large international audience. Heavenly Reyna is an influencer with a both Instagram and Twitch fans and will return to Europe for Twitchcon Europe this July. And Twitchcon San Diego this coming September.

Watch Heavenly Renya in Film 'The Greatest Ever' Trailer & Hotel Cafe!  performing on twitch doing a barbie stream singing
Heavenly grew up in Spain, ( before China) did glamping in Barcelona with us last summer and did her #MozartIgnite European singing tour  in 2017 with UK  Keynote speech  & our Mother-daughter trip when she was 16. This summer she will be performing IRL  live in the Netherlands and Barcelona via her Twitch Channel .Her Twitch stream worldwide audience ( up to 8000 people watching sometimes) talked into releasing her unique song "Exit" for them. 

Heavenly recently did her clever, quirky popular annual  "Souper Bowl Saturday" stream her fans loved. She has done special Barbie movie, Taylor Swift, cooking pizza from scratch etc streams and will do a requested Sponge Bob stream for Valentines Day

Watch Heavenly Renya in Film 'The Greatest Ever' Trailer & Hotel Cafe!  beautiful talented singer songwriter actriess trilngual soultravelers3 pop star
Since Heavenly streams, sings and performs from her home studio to the world five times a week, and is super busy with acting, her art and photography, she does not have the time to do as many live performances as she used to. Remember this performance a few years ago at the Hotel Cafe where she sang her originals as a young teen? 

Heavenly has lots more great news coming soon, so stay tuned! 

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Jennifer Record

Heavenly sounds like she has so much fun! What a busy schedule and thriving schedule! I will check out some of the links

jeanne dee

Thanks so much Jennifer! She does work really hard and juggles a lot of creative pursuits but I do think she knows how to have fun while doing it and has always had a ton of energy. I can't until she comes back to Europe to see us again. Last time she streamed on twitch from a glamping tent next to our vintage van. lol

Gabby Leopard

I actually hadn't heard of her before reading this. Love her style! I'll check out her work

jeanne dee

Thanks bunches Gabby! She just turned 23 so still not famous, but she has written and sung a bunch of her songs in movies and acted in quite a few movies, plus gotten some best actress awards. She's been living in her own place by herself since she was 20 so just doing that in LA is no easy feat and even less so in the creative fields. Like most people in music and acting, ( and most jobs) the pandemic did not help, but it did help her find her big audience on Twitch, so that is great! I was once swimming in a pool in bansko bulgaria and met a young teen who was a huge fan of hers on twitch!! lol, small world today. I love it that both acting and music allows one to do it also as a digital nomad so glad she can travel more than most. Especially since we are usually based on other continents! :)


I never heard of her but she sounds interesting. I’ll look her up :)

Jeanne dee

Thanks bunches Marga!! You will be glad you did! I am sure you have not heard of most young and upcoming talented singers and actors, as most of us do not know them until they breakout big time. It is a long process like any competitive business, but we are proud of how hard she works and how well she is doing. She is lucky to have such a large and supportive audience and it is fun to watch it grow.


Hello, I was wondering what became of your ebook about how you cured your gum disease and bone loss naturally?

jeanne dee

Hi Andrew, good question!! My daughter Heavenly and Life happened, but I am finally having the time to work on it again!! We are also updating our blog with it's over 1600 posts and endless photos and moving that to word press. So I am still busy and even just living the digital nomad life takes a lot of time and energy planning travel as we roam. But slowly but surely I am working on this book on dental gum health. I have learned even more. So within the next year and hopefully sooner than that it should be out. I have never done a book before so it is a learning curve just doing it. Same with our blog, so much for me to learn on how to get this info out. I am also writing a book about how I lost all the weight, but the dental gum disease cure book comes out first. As I get closer to getting it out I will be posting more stories and information about it on my blog. I do think it will be a big help for many people and truly saved my own life and all my teeth! I wish someone had told me about these things years ago! Thanks for asking!

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