Wine Tasting with Kids

April 10, 2013

Wine tasting with kids - Our cute baby in California vineyard picking grapes at a year old

Did you know wine tasting with kids can be great fun for the whole family in Europe or California wine country? We have done it extensively in many countries and around California in Napa, Sonoma and Santa Cruz and we were delighted to discover wine tasting and biking vineyards is a super kid-friendly activity.

Watch out Disney, wine tasting is not just for boomers and retirees.

wine tasting with kids - beautiful grapes

Perhaps we are a bit prejudiced because we had our own organic  Pinot Noir vineyard that we grew from scratch and DaVinci has long been a wine connoisseur, although funnily, we don't drink much wine.

wine tasting with kids - working on our California vineyard family style

I tasted a delicious Malbac in Shanghai at the legendary Peace Hotel, but that was the first wine I had in years ( partly due to my health issues). We are in Penang now which is a Muslim country, so we don't drink here ( expensive) but neither do we drink much when in Europe. Just like organic gardening and picking fruit in orchards, we value learning about nature up close and personal, so love vineyards and wine making with all the enriching educational, cultural and beauty aspects.

wine tasting with kids - small children love vineyards

These are photos of our small organic Pinot Noir vineyard in Santa Cruz ( before our world trip) when Mozart was just five months old and weighed less than 12 pounds, still wearing newborn sizes, but enjoyed helping her dad work in the vineyard even then. We have video of her on him in a bundler and sling starting at just days old helping in the vineyard, so there is no age limit for learning/imprinting  the out-in-nature aspects of wine making and vineyards.

This video that we took of our family wine vacation in Bordeaux, France shows how it is even more exciting as kids get older and one branches out to different countries. We see it as a great world school or unschooling family activity with fun aspects of science through wine making, environmental education, language learning and more while biking through beautiful vineyards.

gorgeous European vineyards at harvest - as pretty as a picture

Below is a video we took a different year on a wine vacation in Alsace at harvest time. Wine tasting with kids doesn't have to be expensive either and we easily stuck to our $23 dollar a day per person budget in both places.


Austrian Wine Country

Santorini Wine And Vineyards

Colmar, France -Alsace

Route des Grand Crus!

Wine Roads Europe

Tuscany Chianti Hills

Best Barcelona Cava Cave

Vineyards in Sirince, Turkey

Sherry Tasting in Spain with 3 generations of family

Beautiful Umbria Vineyard at Harvest

Don't you love the soulful aesthetics of  beautiful vineyards?

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What a great idea! I always loved when my parents took me out to more rural place. Never really been a theme-park kid, luckily. Love the way you raise your kid, great inspiration!


Bordeaux has excellent vineyards and the landscapes are beautiful. France is perfect for this kind of activities. The best place in my opinion is Perignon. Thanks for the great article and information.


I don't think I've ever seen a kid at a winery in the States(other than ones with a restaurant attached), but I have in Asia. I never really gave it any thought until I read your blog. Thanks!


We love wine tasting with our toddler too! We find ways to keep her occupied and scope out the best kid-friendly wineries in advance. We taste in Temecula (near L.A.), so we have a few favorites there.

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